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Presentation of the new MTY series of electric hoists


MV YANTRA AD presents the new electric wire rope hoists type МTY with
load capacity from 1 000 up to 10 000 kg and lifting height from 6,3 up to 25 m.
Electric wire rope hoist type MTY represents an improved construction with high technical
parameters. They are designed for lifting and transferring of goods by monorail profiles. They include
a wide range of varieties according to:
Constructive solutionsstationary (fixed) or with monorail trolley;
According to the building heightfor normal or low headroom;
Control systemtrough a relay-contactor system, radio control or frequency controllers.
Upon customer request the following solutions can be provide:
– with timer for counting the working hours;
– with supplying voltage different from 400V (380V) ) and frequency 60Hz;
– with latch key;
Safety control voltage24V, 42or 48V
Operating conditions:
– Min. operating temperature range-25°С (-4С);
– Max. operating temperature range+40°С;
– Humidity: 85% at a temperature +25°С;
– Indoor use at normal fire hazard;
– Altitude above sea level up to 1000m;
– For normal environment;
– Three-phase AC power supply: 400V (380V) and frequency: 50Hz;
– Protection degreeelectric panel-IP54electric motor-IP55control panel-IP56.